Brandon Seabrook Trio

Photo: Richard Lenz

Featuring Brandon Seabrook on guitar, Henry Fraser on double bass, and Daniel Levin on cello the trio tackles Seabrook’s barbed compositions, which perpetually surprise and unseat the listener throughout the album’s trajectory. The trio displays frightening rhythmic precision as they oscillate between ominous repeating ostinatos; cathartic, angular, and intricate counterpoint; and a massive dynamic range which can change in a nanosecond. They guide listeners through a gauntlet of emotional spaces with the aid of these structural assemblages, turning impending doom into a deep cathartic release. Their debut album “Convulsionaries” is available now. “…the intensely thorny written passages and gritty improv tangles fly at the listener in disconcertingly stark fashion” -Rolling Stone Magazine

Solo: Sylphid Vitalizers

Brandon's debut solo album released by New Atlantis Records in 2014, to much critical acclaim this intensely wired and seizure-inducing offering tests Seabrook’s physical limits.  An ode to the banjo orchestras of the 1920's  S.V. recreates the density of these orchestras leaving behind the diatonic harmonies and trading them for thickly overdubbed passages of accelerated tremoloing and bowed drones. Utilizing studio layering, nothing is sped up or looped all of the material is played in real time to the incessant thrash of a click track. Flashes of improvisation and a pummeling vintage drum machine give a startling counterpoint to this study in density. Tiny Mix Tapes noted “the tension here resembles that of string ensembles stretched to the absolute snapping point”.

Die Trommel Fatale


For its 50th release, New Atlantis Records is proud to present guitar wizard Brandon Seabrook's new large ensemble recording, Die Trommel Fatale. Conceived as a poly-rhythmic exploration of the dark side of the drum, Die Trommel Fatale layers dichotomous drummers against cello, bass, electronics, voice and guitar. By dispensing with cymbals, the band highlights the primal propulsion of the drums, contrasting the body and resonance of the dual kits with dizzying ensemble passages and transcendent solo experimentation. Cinematic textures emerge from the bone-shaking collision of drums, strings and guttural shrieks under the command of Seabrook's prodigiously dynamic guitar. The result is a 10-track exploration of everything serene and abhorrent released by New Atlantis records in June 2017. 

Seabrook Power Plant

Founded in 2008, Seabrook Power Plant is a celebration of the transformation of a 1927 Bacon and Day Banjo into a tremolo-driven frenzy that Jazz Times called "thrillingly disorienting". Featuring Tom Blancarte on bass and Jared Seabrook on drums, the trio's impetus lies on the angular shoulders of Brandon's guitar and banjo attacks, structured by painstakingly precise composition. Melding Punk, Americana, and Prog into a merciless, sonic power tool, their debut album drove The New York Times to appropriately label Brandon "..a man apparently hellbent on earning the title of World’s Least Rustic Banjo Player…" 

Needle Driver

Photo: Roman Meisenberg

Photo: Roman Meisenberg

Formed in 2012 for a set at the Alternative Guitar Festival in NYC, this trio features drum leviathan Allison Miller and electric bass virtuoso Johnny Deblase. Needle Driver material was written by Seabrook and sharpened over a two year period of ceaseless rehearsing and steadfast guerrilla tactics. Damaged skronk, asymmetric time signatures, ethereal soundscapes, fractured guitar blasts and hulking bass are the hallmarks of this trio. Needle Driver recorded their debut album with engineer/producer Martin Bisi in the cavernous BC studios. It was released by Nefarious Industries on October 27th, 2017... " an avant-garde masterpiece that throws down a rough-covered gauntlet to all those who would claim innovation in their art." - Sonic Abuse